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Apache Singa distributed deep learning platform

SINGA is a general distributed deep learning platform for training big deep learning models over large datasets. It is designed with an intuitive programming model based on the layer abstraction. A variety of popular deep learning models are supported, namely feed-forward models including convolutional neural

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Search Everything

“Everything” is search engine that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows. Unlike Windows search “Everything” initially displays every file and folder on your computer Features : Small installation file. Clean and simple user interface. Quick file indexing. Quick searching. Quick startup. Minimal

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IFTTT free web based automation service

IFTTT is the free web based automation service for small tasks between Internet-connected services. Some of the sample services includes Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Nest, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa, and Gmail.For example, if you make a status update on one service (a trigger), IFTTT service will

TOP 3 Tools to share large files safe & secure

Here’s listing of TOP 3 Tools to share large files safe & secure. #1.WeTransfer WeTranser is the easiest way to share your files,just enter email address of the recipient & hit ‘Transfer’.Recently WeTransfer has launched a new app that allows users to collect and share content