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Everything You Need To Know About Docker Enterprise 3.0

Docker has recently announced Docker Enterprise 3.0,In this post , we take look at the key features of Enterprise Platform on how it improves developer productivity, accelerating time-to-market for new applications. If you’re looking for basic understanding of Docker concepts, please refer earlier posts for


KubeSail: Get your free Kubernetes Cluster

If you’re looking for free Kubernetes Cluster to play around then KubeSail is right choice,its hosted Kubernetes provider and offers free managed namespace.With KubeSail you can deploy and host applications easily. In this post,we take look at how to deploy applications on to KubeSail cluster.

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Guest Post: WordPress and Stats about Its Popularity

Nobody can deny that WordPress is in a league of its own as a website builder. The company behind it has only 830 employees, but they offer so much to others, and for free. With WordPress, anyone can create an amazing website. Even more impressive,

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