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What Are 5 D’s Of Digital Marketing?

The development of technology has changed the world and made everything easier. People have become more tech-savvy and more dependent on computers to do their daily tasks. With the evolution of smartphones and 4G technology, people spend more time browsing the internet and social media.


Detect vulnerabilities using Trivy scanner

If you’re looking for a simple and comprehensive vulnerability scanner for your containers then Trivy is the best choice. In this post, we see how to scan a sample image & its key features. Key Features : Detect comprehensive vulnerabilities for most of the OS

Is AI Going to Benefit HR in the Future?

When life became more convenient for our ancestors, then it was termed as “magic,” but nowadays, it is called “technology.” Yes. In this modern era, the “magic” term is associated with Artificial Intelligence, which is the actual reason behind the things evolving around us. No

TOP 10 Posts for this year 2020

Here are TOP 10 best and the most popular reads for this year, hope you would love this compilation. As always, please feel free to leave your comment in case of any questions or additional inputs. Happy Holidays and Good Luck! #1.TOP 6 GUI tools