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7 Container Design Principles that you should know

With the increasing adoption of containers and microservices in the enterprises, there is a need now to focus on structuring the containers and other distributed building blocks so that we can solve some of the common design challenges. In this post, we take look at

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Guest Post : These are the ways mobile devices can use AI

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many more disruptive technologies seem to have permeated the tech world like never before; everything feels so enhanced and improved from smartphones Siri to self-driving cars. Nobody knew that the term once used to define the machine’s ability to simulate

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Portworx Tutorial : Demonstrate HA Cassandra Stateful Application

Portworx is a popular Kubernetes persistent storage and Docker storage solution. It’s a clustered block storage solution and provides a Cloud-Native layer from which containerized stateful applications programmatically consume block, file, and object storage services directly through the scheduler. With Portworx, you can manage any database or

How to Merge Excel Files and Worksheets in Bulk? today released their new free utility Excel Merger, which is a handy Excel software tool allows users to combine Excel XLS/XLSX and ODS/CSV/XML Files, Workbooks and Spreadsheets to one single worksheet file without MS Office or MS Excel installed. Unlike other Excel combining applications