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Wordpress Plugins

How WordPress Plugin increases your blog traffic

If you don’t have enough traffic even if you have done good On-page and Off-page SEO then you might need to use a Plugin to increase your growth of the site. There are many Best WordPress Plugins that help users to increase the blog traffic.

Wordpress Plugins

How WordPress Is Ideal For Small Businesses?

Gone are the days when businesses needed to find developers to make small changes to their websites and content. WordPress has enabled the businesses’ convenience and ease to use their website, and it’s a boon for everyone. WordPress was earlier known for blogging, but it’s

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Guest Post: WordPress and Stats about Its Popularity

Nobody can deny that WordPress is in a league of its own as a website builder. The company behind it has only 830 employees, but they offer so much to others, and for free. With WordPress, anyone can create an amazing website. Even more impressive,

Wordpress Plugins

7 BEST Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Most of the WordPress hosting providers offer backup services but its essential to do regular WordPress backups, Backups give you peace of mind and can save you in situations when your site gets hacked or you accidentally lock yourself out. Please remember that it is