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How to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage?

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, also referred to as Windows Telemetry, is a legit Windows service that collects and sends data periodically from your computer to the Windows development team for Windows’ performance improvement, compatibility improvement, bug repair, etc. What kind of data it will collect and

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Get smallest, fastest, fully-conformant MicroK8s Kubernetes

Kubernetes as we know, coordinates a highly available cluster of computers that are connected to work as a single unit. Kubernetes contains a number of abstractions that allows deployment of containerized applications to the cluster without attaching them to individual machines. In short, Kubernetes is

How to run Java application as service on Linux

In this post,we check out how to run Java application as service on Linux and also start automatically if and when system restarts. Before we move on to article,lets understand what is systemd .Its part of Linux kernel that provides the System and Service Manager


How to set memory limit for your Java containers?

By default,Docker containers has no resource constraints and can use as much as the host’s kernel memory and scheduler allows but there could be scenarios where you have to set it explicitly.For example in case if your container consumes too much of the host machine’s

Monitoring Docker containers using Prometheus + cAdvisor + Grafana

With the increasing adoption of containers and microservices in the enterprises, monitoring utilities have to handle more services and server instances than ever before.Support for multi-dimensional data collection, querying and perfect dashboard visualization tool is a great strength and makes right fit to be part of your