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Guest Post : Top 8 Women In Cryptocurrency

This week’s Guest post comes from our friends at Cryptocurrencies are not immune to risks and you will need to be cagey when handling your digital currency. Let’s check out the factors that you must keep note of while dealing with cryptocurrencies. Before diving into


Guest Post : Check Out The Top 26 Cryptocurrencies

Today’s Guest Post comes from BitcoinPlay Team. Cryptocurrencies are the latest achievement of the digital and financial world. They offer an entirely new and improved system of conducting transactions with a high level of security, transparency, efficiency, stability, and reliability. Considering the fact that their


9 things you need to know about Blockchain

Definition : In simple terms,Blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography.Each block contains typically a hash pointer as a link to a previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. Design : By design, the blockchain is