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Is AI Going to Benefit HR in the Future?

When life became more convenient for our ancestors, then it was termed as “magic,” but nowadays, it is called “technology.” Yes. In this modern era, the “magic” term is associated with Artificial Intelligence, which is the actual reason behind the things evolving around us. No

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Guest Post : These are the ways mobile devices can use AI

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many more disruptive technologies seem to have permeated the tech world like never before; everything feels so enhanced and improved from smartphones Siri to self-driving cars. Nobody knew that the term once used to define the machine’s ability to simulate

Guest Post : How AI is Changing Our Lives

We’re in an interesting space right now technology-wise. We have AI that is capable of driving cars, summarizing search results, and a whole lot more besides. AI is making its presence felt from the boardroom to the bedroom. With TechJury predicting 62% of top execs