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#9 Key takeaways from CNCF Survey 2020

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) performs an annual survey every year to find out where and how cloud-native technologies are being adopted. Here we take look at key takeaways from the report. #1. Kubernetes use in production has grown dramatically About 78% of respondents are

Take look at Podman, Red Hat’s daemon-less Docker Alternative

Podman is a new, open-source, container engine that works seamlessly with containers as well as pods. This project is different because it doesn’t actually depend on a daemon(like Docker), but instead launches containers and pods as child processes. Podman is the CLI tool for interacting

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Get smallest, fastest, fully-conformant MicroK8s Kubernetes

Kubernetes as we know, coordinates a highly available cluster of computers that are connected to work as a single unit. Kubernetes contains a number of abstractions that allows deployment of containerized applications to the cluster without attaching them to individual machines. In short, Kubernetes is