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OpenFaaS Tutorial: Build and Deploy Serverless Java Functions

Introduction Serverless allows developers to build and run applications and services without thinking about the servers actually running the code. Serverless services, or FaaS (Functions-as-a-Service) providers, instrument this concept by allowing developers to upload the code while taking care of deploying running and scaling it.

Kubeless tutorial – Kubernetes native serverless framework

kubeless is a Kubernetes-native serverless framework that lets you deploy small bits of code without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure plumbing. It leverages Kubernetes resources to provide auto-scaling, API routing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and more. Before we move on to the tutorial, Little bit

Build Real time Twitter dashboard using Azure LogicApps + Power BI

In this post, we are going to learn how to build a real-time PowerBi dashboard using any of the trending Twitter hashtags (ex.#Rajinikanth hashtag) here we are going to analyze social media sentiment post Rajini’s political debut, by analyzing Twitter hashtags 🙂 hope you would