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Visualize IoT-scale time-series data using Azure Time Series Insights

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a new, virtually inexhaustible source of technical innovations, which are equally valuable for a broad variety of industries. Applying smart connected devices, sensors, and gateways to control each part of the production process, manufacturing, and infrastructure companies

17 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need to Know

Introduction Machine learning is a technique that allows computers to use existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. Using machine learning, computers learn without being explicitly programmed. Flavors of Machine Learning Machine learning uses two types of techniques: supervised learning, which trains a

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Running Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

This is in continuation of the Kubernetes article series. In the earlier posts, we have seen how to create & deploy a simple cluster. Now in this post, we are going to look at recently launched offerings from Microsoft Azure. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is