Why Is Everyone Talking About Quest Spotlight Cloud on Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an escalating set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It is the freedom to build, accomplish, and organize applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. Microsoft Azure was formerly known as Windows Azure. This cloud computing service is a vast part of Microsoft’s business, and it strives with similar services from Google and Amazon.

Microsoft Azure supports organizations in meeting their business demands and challenges. It is the liberty to construct, manage, and array applications on a huge, global network using your desired tools and frameworks. Microsoft is well known for continuous innovations that support the development and envisions your product for the future. From development to the Internet of Things to business analytics, Azure ensures a scalable and cost-effective solution that supports your existing investments.

The Microsoft Azure website offers a directory of 100s of diverse services you can use, including databases, file storage, full virtual machines, backups, and services for web and mobile apps. Originally this service was known as “Windows Azure,” but later it was transitioned to “Microsoft Azure” as it could handle much more than just Windows. You can run either Linux or Windows virtual machines on Azure, for example—whichever you prefer.

Azure offers customized or ready-made solutions that can help manage your existing solutions. Plus, you can find a knowledgeable service partner or have your present outsourcing partner to become an Azure partner.

Azure backs open source technologies so that you can use the tools and technologies of your choice as per your convenience. Run any application virtually using your data source, with your operating system, on your device.

Anyone can use Microsoft Azure. Just open the Azure website and sign up for a new account. Also, you can avail of a certain number of free services for the first year.

With the highest levels of transparency, trust, regulatory compliance, and standards conformance, Microsoft ensures a broad set of compliance offerings. There is no hidden or upfront cost; you pay only for what you use. Azure offers the best pricing options and flexible purchasing power for all your cloud scenarios. Azure has tools to help you manage your cloud spending.

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection provider, and security software in March 2019 announced the availability of Spotlight Cloud in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store for use on Microsoft Azure providing services and applications. Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification holds much importance after this move of Spotlight Cloud.

Spotlight Cloud can be of great help to developers and database administrators who use Azure. They can now directly leverage and access Spotlight Cloud to proactively optimize performance, resolve database performance issues, and make the best provisioning selections to ensure great database performance.

Spotlight Cloud offers some of the key benefits with its features such as the alarms list and performance health, heatmap display of connections, and spotlight home page of each connection. Furthermore, the health check feature demonstrates the current status of the system and the capability to exercise down at a granular level.

Spotlight Cloud provides instant diagnostics, performance monitoring, and great tuning to ensure steady performance and high availability across Microsoft SQL Server database environments around the clock (24/7). With Spotlight Cloud availability organizations and companies can now reap the benefits of the scalability, security, and high availability of the Azure Marketplace, with efficient deployment and management.

Spotlight Cloud
Image – Spotlight Cloud

For the second consecutive time, Quest Software has been featured in the 2019 Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration Tools report as a Representative Vendor for its product offering. Gartner’s report outlines recommendations while evaluating cloud office migration tools for the application leaders.

With a reasonably long history at Quest, the Spotlight product line began in the late 1990s with Spotlight on Oracle. In 2002, a SQL server-specific version came, which at that time was primarily a desktop product. In the years thereafter, Spotlight has changed significantly into its present form as Spotlight Essentials, a hybrid offering on-premises, and for the cloud.

Spotlight is being used by about 2,000 of Quest’s business customers. The Spotlight development group includes teams in Australia, Israel, and China. With continuous deployment and integration, the cloud part of the service has been built on a microservices architecture. Development is done using agile development methodologies.

With easy to use tools that help in eradicating the complexity associated with managing, migrating and securing multiple Microsoft platforms in the cloud, Quest’s Microsoft Platform Management business has a long legacy in providing organizations with such easy to use tools.

Spotlight’s biggest selling point is it is easy to use. It’s intended for the customer to be able to ‘download and go.’ Time-to-first-value is what has been focused upon. Spotlight helps customers by informing them about all the failed jobs that they didn’t even know they’re failing. Happy and content customers are the most significant achievement gained. Azure always had a platform focus, which is one of the biggest benefits.

If you hold Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification, knowing in and out of the spotlight cloud, you can be placed very high among the industry. To gain more knowledge about Spotlight Cloud, visit the product site.

Microsoft Azure has the highest regions than any other cloud provider, and it is the only consistent hybrid cloud that delivers unmatched developer productivity and offers more wide-ranging compliance coverage—including adhering to the requirements of the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

Quest Software Company across 100 countries is a global provider to 130,000 companies.Quest has built a gamut of solutions since 1987 which at present comprises Microsoft platform management, identity, and access management, database management, data protection, and unified endpoint management. With Quest, organizations now spend more time on business innovation and less time on IT administration.

Visit Spotlight Cloud site to get started today!

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Quest Spotlight Cloud on Microsoft Azure?
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Why Is Everyone Talking About Quest Spotlight Cloud on Microsoft Azure?
Spotlight Cloud provides instant diagnostics, performance monitoring, and great tuning to ensure steady performance and high availability across Microsoft SQL Server database environments around the clock (24/7).
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