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Take look at Podman, Red Hat’s daemon-less Docker Alternative

Podman is a new, open-source, container engine that works seamlessly with containers as well as pods. This project is different because it doesn’t actually depend on a daemon(like Docker), but instead launches containers and pods as child processes. Podman is the CLI tool for interacting


Using Docker Application Packages to Deliver Apps across Teams

Cloud native applications typically use different technologies, each with their own packaging formats. For example, If you’re working on Microsoft Azure then it would be ARM templates, or if its Kubernetes, then its Helm charts, or if it’s on AWS then it would be CloudFormation


Everything You Need To Know About Docker Enterprise 3.0

Docker has recently announced Docker Enterprise 3.0,In this post , we take look at the key features of Enterprise Platform on how it improves developer productivity, accelerating time-to-market for new applications. If you’re looking for basic understanding of Docker concepts, please refer earlier posts for