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Introducing Skill Me Up

Skill Me Up aggregates courses from multiple providers to make it simple to find the best courses on almost every subject, no matter where they are. Upskilling is becoming more relevant in today’s context. Upskilling is the method of acquiring new talents and abilities. It

How Students Use Tech in Campus

With a transition to online education, many students prefer some of the best tech options to acquire a wide range of educational resources. Life at the campus has now become usual with smartphones, laptops, and other personal electronic devices. Such devices are crucial to the


10 Coursera Courses to Take in 2021

According to The Future of Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), technology skills will be in high demand across industries. In particular, skills related to data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing will be sought-after in the years to come, along with business and soft

9 BEST Edureka’s Instructor-Led and Self Paced Courses

Here’s the best compilation of Edureka’s Instructor-Led and Self Paced Courses, all the courses can be taken at your convenience. You’ll have the keys to all our presentations, quizzes, installation guides. All for a lifetime! The capstone project for each course will provide you with

Most Popular Coursera Courses of 2020

We have already looked at the Most Popular courses of 2019, here we take look at the most popular courses of 2020 that will supercharge your career and expand your knowledge. Check them out, and start enrolling today! #1.The Science of Well-Being In this course,