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TOP 3 tools to Remove Junk Files

Though you would have used uninstaller supplied with the software to uninstall,in most of the cases you would realize there won’t be clean uninstall and there would be some junk left,here we see Top 3 uninstallers to perform complete clean uninstall. #1.Wise Program Uninstaller Wise

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Colorize B/W photos using Algorithmia API

Bring new life to old photos by automatically colorizing them using the Algorithmia API.Coloring is based on deep learning models by Algorithmia. Models are exposed as API,once you signup you get 5000 as signup bonus.5000 credits are free every month. API : If you don’t want

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Do you want to extract audio tracks from videos?

Pazera Free Audio Extractor is free application that extracts audio tracks from video files without loss of sound quality or convert them to MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, M4A (AAC/ALAC), WV, AIFF or WAV format.In addition, the program allows you to split input files based

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Cobbler is your simple and robust vault

Cobbler is a simple and robust vault for sensitive text-based information, with a focus on bruteforce resistance and keeping a low attack surface. It uses battle-tested AES128_HMAC_SHA1 for strong encryption and data authentication.Best use for Cobbler is local password manager for the Windows operating system