Odoo Basics: What to Know About How It Can Help Your Business

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As a business owner, it’s your job to always be looking for ways to maximize your productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Because you’re a great business owner, you already know that! When it comes to choosing the best business management software to use, chances are good the best one for you is Odoo.

Instead of telling you why it’s the best, let’s just go over what it is. From there, you’ll probably be able to figure out its incredible value all on your own. Overall, Odoo is a comprehensive business management software that operates as a complete suite of open source business apps.

It helps business owners deal with different projects and functionalities such as CRM, sales, inventory, reporting, accounting, sending invoices, and more.

What are the main features of Odoo? Keep reading to find out.

The main features of Odoo

 In order to get a better idea of what you can use Odoo for, here is a very brief breakdown of its primary features.

  • It is an open-source software
  • Integrated scalability, this means that you can use the variety of modules in Odoo as your business continues to evolve and grow through the years
  • It is very intuitive and easy to learn
  • It is flexible and easy to customize to best fit your needs
  • Can help you manage a range of industries

Popularity of Odoo

Sometimes, the best way to get an idea of just how great a product is is to get an idea of how popular it is. When it comes to the value of Odoo, the popularity of the program in the business world is all the information that you need.

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  • Odoo has more than 2 million active users
  • Odoo is available in more than 32 languages
  • Odoo has more than 1000 installs per day
  • 1457 percent user growth
  • Used in various types of industries

Why Odoo helps you run a great business

The reason why Odoo is such a fantastic tool for business owners is that it allows business owners to perform various tasks in a flawless way. While other computer management programs are often not able to take care of various different tasks, the open-source nature of Odoo makes it great for business owners who want to mix and match responsibilities when it comes to their business management program.

Odoo is an incredibly valuable complete business software that will not hamper your budget and will allow you to use the modules you want and need to help your business flourish and grow.

Top reasons to consider Odoo

 We know we said we weren’t going to tell you why Odoo is so great for your business, but we just can’t help it! Here are the top reasons why it can be a major boon to help you bring your business into the next level.

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  • One solution for your entire business
  • Low cost of implementation
  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to implement
  • Multiple different options to choose from
  • It is highly scalable as your business grows
  • You get to communicate with a powerful and business savvy community
  • The program offers top not security for your business
  • It is easy and intuitive to use from day one

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Odoo Basics: What to Know About How It Can Help Your Business
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Odoo Basics: What to Know About How It Can Help Your Business
When it comes to choosing the best business management software to use, chances are good the best one for you is Odoo.
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