Easy to use freeware Background generator

When people talk about background images, most of them would say they either go online and download the high-resolution background image resources or use their lives or landscape photos. However, what the web provides cannot fulfill everyone’s requirements, because some users or designers may need to use background images for logo creating, graphic designing or advertisements, and these need background images to be unique, outstanding and professional. Now designers could try to generate custom amazing background images by themselves.

Background Generator is an easy-to-use and neat image generating application that offers a few excellent templates and text effects for graphic designers, User-interface designers, website front-end developers, and bloggers to generate well-designed logos, banners, backgrounds and more types of image designs in an expert level.

Image – Background generator software

Background is a new freeware image generating application based on Windows platforms and it creates well designed large material and random background graphics in high-resolution PNG/JPG image formats by 7 smart image generating algorithms, which include Abstract Image Generator (Colorful), Material Design & Repeating Pattern Image Generator (Graphics) and more cool image and background generators.

This useful image creating utility generates perfect designed images by the random machine algorithm with 7 different styles and ensures every new image is 100% unique in the world. It offers options that allow designers to create images in high resolutions even bigger than 4K, and enables them to customize the image size by themselves.

In addition to the standard JPEG/JPG image format, Background Generator enables users to create images in transparent PNG format. With the “Add Text” feature at the sidebar, users could add any text they want onto the image and apply all preset text effects instantly.

How to Use

The random “Colorful” model will be ready for editing when you launch the program for the first time. Above the same style, you can see a small list of images that offers as preset templates. The application refers to them as “Image Styles”, and there are 7 styles in total: Colorful, Graphics, Galaxy, Changing Light, Dreamy, Poly, and Stripes.

Each of these styles provides several patterns that can generate as the base of your possible backgrounds. Furthermore, you can also add some text over your image, in order to enrich them with slogans or interesting quotes. These text effects can also be applied using the effects offered by the tool. There are 10 available text effects below the canvas, and you can combine them with any design style.

After you figure out how to select patterns and text effects, you can use the sidebar to generate and customize the background image. Simply move to the sidebar – the control panel of Background Generator. From there you can create styles, set image resolutions and colors, change transparency, and add any text you want to use with preferred effects. Once you are done with these options as well, you can proceed to create the background image. Click on the Save as JPG or PNG buttons, choose the output path and you will be done immediately – your well-designed background is now saved to an image file.

Key Features :

  • 100% Unique Image Output
  • 7 Different Styles
  • 100+ icons and graphics
  • Create images in Large Resolutions
  • Preset Text Effects
  • Generate Transparent PNG
  • Create Creative Logos, Banners and More Different Sizes
  • 100% Free, No Limitations
  • Portable Version
  • Multi-language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

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Easy to use freeware Background generator
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Easy to use freeware Background generator
Freeware image generating application based on Windows platforms and it creates well designed large material and random background graphics in high-resolution PNG/JPG image formats
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