Top Recommended Paraphrasing Tools for Students to Write Unique Assignments

Rephrasing the content is an art that every student needs to learn. And they can get improvement in this skill with the help of an online paraphrasing tool.

The reason is that they can get ideas about rewriting the lines and replacing the words with their synonyms.

But the problem is that many students don’t have much information about online paraphrasing tools. So, they get confused while choosing the best online tool.

In this blog, we will talk about the best online paraphrasers that are recommended by the experts and are top-ranked on the SERP.

Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students

There is a list of online paraphrasers that can be useful for the students and help them in rewriting their essays, notes study documents. They can renew the assignments and thesis in these tools and give them a unique look without changing their actual intent.

In this section, we will talk about the most important paraphrasing tools that students can go for to make the assignments unique.


While talking about the top paraphrasing tools, quillbot is the top tool you will get every time. The reason is that this tool has the ability to change the structure of the entire content while preserving its original meaning.

Because of this feature, students can easily rewrite the assignments and make them unique from others. Let’s have a look at the features of this online tool.

  • Students can get new articles in several styles because of the multimode feature. This will help them in getting the lines in the best possible way that can be engaging to read.
  • The working speed of the quillbot paraphraser is very fast which helps the students make changes in the content quickly and avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Once the users rephrase the content in this online tool, it highlights the words that are replaced with their synonyms.
  • Many individuals are worried about the security of their data. So, this tool ensures to keep the data of users is safe. All the information in this tool remains confidential.
  • The amazing element about this online tool is that it offers free registration and let the users rephrase 3500 words for free, 125 words in each attempt. After that, they have to go for the premium version.
Image – Quillbot


In the list of best online paraphrasing tools, is another amazing addition that can be helpful in paraphrasing lengthy assignments and making them unique.

The top element of this AI paraphrasing tool is that students can paraphrase the entire content in this tool and make it simple and precise without changing its actual meaning

Here we will talk about the top features that users need to know about this online rephraser.

  • Students can paraphrase the essays and assignments in this tool for free that are up to 500 words. To increase this limit, they can go for the premium version which is very affordable.
  • This tool uses an Advanced AI-Algorithm to rephrase the text; along with it this reprhaser has a huge synonym library. This makes it easy for the students to generate multiple versions of assignments from a single one without making it plagiarized.
  • One thing that every individual is always worried about is the security of the content. This online tool ensures to keep the data of its users is safe.
  • If students are concerned about the quality of the content, they can paste the content here and improve it easily. They can regenerate human-like content in a very short time with the help of this tool rephraser.
  • After rewriting the assignments, they can download the new file in multiple formats like Docx, PDF, and Txt.
Image – Rephraser


In the list of top AI rephrasers, it’s another tool that can be helpful in rewriting blogs and assignments.

With the help of this paraphrasing tool, students can easily make the content different from the actual one. So, they can avoid the plagiarism factor in the content.

Let’s have a look at the top features that students can avail of from here and get the benefit of this rephrasing tool.

  • This online tool is available for students all over the world. The reason is that it supports multiple languages like Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Polish, French, etc.
  • Students can get a free version of this online tool for 900 characters. This trial version let you get an idea about this rephraser and its works. To increase this limit, they can go for the premium version.
  • An amazing feature of this online tool is that users can turn on the similarity checker button. This will help them in analyzing the rephrased content and the text that is not changed.
  • One can get multiple versions of content from a single assignment. The tool offers different modes like factual, casual, creative, standard, short, etc.
  • The working speed of this online tool is very fast. There is no need to wait for getting the new version of the content.
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Last but not least, this online tool is an amazing tool that offers a lot of features that can be valuable for the students in recreating the assignments.

Students can get human-level rephrased content from this online tool without making it plagiarized. So, it is quite necessary to visit this tool and get the advantage of it.

To make it more clear, we will talk about the top features of this online paraphrasing tool that students can avail of to rewrite their assignments.

  • The synonym library of this online tool is very huge. That means they can easily regenerate the essays and assignments. Also, they can improve their vocabulary by getting ideas about synonyms.
  • Multiple modes of this paraphrasing tool help the students to rewrite the content in multiple ways. This tool offers different modes like creative, human near, text improver, and academic.
  • The amazing benefit of this paraphrasing tool is that it generates the title of the content automatically.
  • After recreating the assignment in this online tool, one can also go get an overview of the rephrased content. This element helps in getting an idea about the entire content.
  • One can get an idea about the percentage of rephrased content in this tool. This is another amazing feature that is not provided by every online paraphrasing tool.

Bottom Lines

The notable challenge that students have to face in universities is to make their assignments unique. Many of them copy the content of other fellows and end up getting low grades due to the plagiarism factor.

To avoid this element and make the assignments exclusive, they can get help from paraphrasing tools and make the lines unique here.

In this blog, we have talked about the most preferred paraphrasers online that are prominent because of their huge AI power of spinning the content and giving them a new look without changing the intent.

Top online paraphrasers for students recommended by the professionals
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Top online paraphrasers for students recommended by the professionals
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