8 Strategies To Build An Online Brand

No online presence? No recognition!

When you think of a brand, you might imagine campaign mantras plastered on everything. You might even think of a few commercial jingles or catchy slogans or shift your focus on some of your favorite product-manufacturing companies. The list goes on!

Each of these references is, undoubtedly, an integral part of a brand. However, when you dig deeper, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more to a marque than catchy phrases and top-notch products.

Building a brand for your business involves more than graphics and colors. It’s learning how to provide a story that satisfies the customers, takes service to the next level, and offers a reliable promise of quality. Once you unleash the “branding monster” in you, customers will instantly recognize your business and develop a consistent bond with it.

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Nonetheless, your brand is the essence of your business. Failure to maintain it can lead to sorrowful consequences. Your brand will struggle if you don’t come up with an effective way to promote it. With customers making more and more purchases through the web and mobile applications, online branding has become vital in creating an overall brand strategy.

So, how do you build an online brand?

First off, it takes more than a well-planned advertisement and a cool logo to pull it off. After all, every business, individual, and brand is different, so your route might differ from your neighbor’s. Still, these eight strategies should hold, no matter what you are doing.

Here we go!

#1.Know Your Audience

One indispensable part of building an online brand is getting to know your audience.

You must identify your target audience. You might begin with a more general description, but you need to dial it down as you go along. Just by saying “my target audience is men” isn’t enough in a market as huge as “wellness and health.” Neither is saying “women” if your primary aim is to reach urban fathers with a passion for “personal grooming.”

Always remember: you must post a few blogs or descriptions regarding the services so that your customers can have a more profound knowledge of “you.” On prime of that, incorporate link building. It is one of the best digital marketing strategies to make your customers stay on your website longer.

Now, back to the customer part.

It is essential to get into the details of your customers. How old are they? Their yearly income? What’s their location? What are their hobbies and education?

The more specific your audience, the calmer it will be to create a brand around them. So the next time you try to postulate your audience, don’t just say your customers are “men.” Instead, say that your customers are “men ages 35-45, who earn around $30,000 a year, enjoy exercising, have a college degree, and live in the suburbs. That’ll fuel your brand!

#2. Initiate “Research Mode”

Let’s be honest: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, directly imitating another company’s brand may be a straight-up awful idea.

Your goal is to be unique. Still, researching your competitor’s ideas is a smart move. As you look into what your competitors are doing, you will know where and how they succeed. What makes them so unique, or what qualities do they lack – these questions will help you get to the bottom of being “unique and better than others.”

So, what’s the quickest way to do that? Customer reviews, of course!

Study their reviews. Note where the company is falling short and what are the positive points. Additionally, you don’t have to search highs and lows; pick a few competitors and understand their worth.

#3.Know your Product

We know, what an obvious step! But there’s a possibility you might skip it.

Take all the time you need to examine your product thoroughly. Go beyond its qualifies and realize its best-selling properties. Identify the best benefits your customers can get from your product. You can do that by providing descriptions of your services/products. Make them worth the read and give a “reason” why your customers should buy from you.

#4.Think of a Mission Statement

What’s a mission statement? Read to find out.

Every business demands a mission statement. It isn’t a motto nor a slogan. A mission statement articulately describes what you hope to do. Every corner of your business should reflect that.

Search famous brands, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and so on, to get an idea of their mission statement states and then move to yours!

#5.Give your Brand a Voice

  • Know your audience and product – check
  • Make a mission statement – check

Now what?

You have to figure out how to communicate your ideas. To execute this step, you must choose a brand voice. After all, it is what people will be reading once they enter your sales funnel.

Furthermore, brand voices have various types. Yours can be causal or professional. You can be direct or laidback, serious or funny. You can even combine attributes of your voice; be both information and funny or stern and casual.

Regardless of what you pick out, make sure it represents your services well!

#6.Create a Flawless Brand Message

After creating an online sales funnel, you are going to receive many newcomers. So what’s the first thing they will notice?

To sound more consistent and impressive, you will need to have a crystal-clear brand message to greet customers. Now, this has nothing to do with your brand mission statement. Your brand message defines your business. It should state the kind of product you sell, who you are, and how your services will create a difference in a buyer’s life.

#7.Design a Logo

As mentioned many times above, brand-ship isn’t about having an awesome logo. But still, having a logo is what attracts the eye!

Some of the most commonly recognized symbols and shapes are logos. It is pretty much the first thing we associate with a brand. Therefore, creating a logo is an opportunity to flex your creativity. Your logo should reflect your brand and be a wonderful sight for your audience.

#8.Expand your “Online Branding” Horizons

Finally, the last step – expanding your brand online!

With your brand completely demarcated, you will need to expand it further and have people enter your sales funnel. This strategy includes promoting your brand via a variety of platforms and channels. That said, go crazy on social media!

Having Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages will enable you to engage with your targeted audience in a flexible way. That will also establish your reputation and create relationships with potential customers. It’s easy to get the initial success but to grow further is a true challenge. So many social media users want to find safe growth tools to get the estimated success. For instance, Instagram is a very competitive place and Instagram users find it very difficult nowadays to increase their engagement. So users often look for and grow tools to gain success in a short time. But finding a  growth tool is another challenge. So Instagram users firstly look for the review and ratings to get an idea about the tool. For example if you view Likes.io user ratings and reviews you will know that it’s a good tool for Instagram.


Unfortunately, we have to end here, but the good news is: you know how to promote your online presence!

Still, the efforts don’t end here. You have to keep trying to remain consistent and remarkable. You will continue to advance and shape your brand to expose more visitors to it and learn more about your customers. Just let your product do the talking, and the rest will be history!

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8 Strategies To Build An Online Brand
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8 Strategies To Build An Online Brand
Building a brand for your business involves more than graphics and colors. It’s learning how to provide a story that satisfies the customers, takes service to the next level, and offers a reliable promise of quality.
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