How Can Marketing Automation Tools Help Small Businesses in 2021

Wondering what is Marketing Automation 2021 all about? Unclear on what are the right automation instruments, to employ for your small business needs? In this blog, we will ensure that you do not let that FOMO for the marketing automation tools bring you down.

Because, who doesn’t want to be #1 on Google and engage effectively with their consumers, but that is not a cakewalk anymore, my friend! It comes with experience and a whole lot of hard work. And to achieve that, marketers need to ensure that they spend lesser time in repetitive routine tasks such as sending out emails, social media post scheduling, etc, so as to divert the focus towards strategizing for marketing success.

Hop on to this detailed introduction to Marketing Automation tools and find out how can marketing automation integration help small businesses flourish.

What are Marketing Automation tools?

Marketing automation tools are a set of marketing tools that help in streamlining the marketing roadmap. Now, the question is – how do these tools achieve that?

Let’s get into the details of how can these tools assist small businesses to witness a positive growth trajectory!

How can marketing automation tools help small businesses?

Businesses, both B2B and B2C, have realized the importance and need of incorporating marketing automation in their business operations, hence an increase in investment in the marketing automation service has been witnessed over the years.

The automation service offered by these tools assist small businesses in several ways:

  • Rising productivity of your business processes

 As per the study conducted by Nucleus Research, marketing automation results in increasing the productivity of the business processes by an average of around 20%.

  • Monitoring and measuring the content marketing strategies

Data is the heart and soul of any business, and for measuring the success and efficiency of any marketing process, tracking and measuring data is of utmost importance.

The marketing automation tools help generate data and reports to understand the performance of the marketing strategies. Thereby, you get to know what performed well and what needs to be optimized and can take the steps deemed necessary.

  • Giving an impetus to the revenue generation

A survey by Engagebay says that the B2C businesses that used the marketing automation tools have seen a conversion rate as high as around 50%. Another study showed that an increase in leads was witnessed by around 80% of the marketing automation users.

  • Assisting in retaining customers

Not only do these marketing automation tools help convert more leads and increase the revenue of the businesses, but they also aid in retaining more and more customers.

Studies have shown that around 50% of marketers use marketing automation tools to retain customers. The marketers are able to achieve this by getting to know the insights into the behavior of the customers and being able to rightly predict their needs.

Wrap Up

The recent years have seen an increase in the rise of small new businesses, coming up with innovative business ideas. The cut-throat competition makes it necessary for these businesses to adopt the marketing automation tools to stay relevant and noticed by the audience with an ever-decreasing attention span.

Read the pointers above to know how can a small business benefit from marketing automation tools. This way, the marketers would be able to focus their efforts on the tasks which make them productive, profitable, and unique, and not being all tied up with routine marketing tasks.

How Can Marketing Automation Tools Help Small Businesses in 2021
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How Can Marketing Automation Tools Help Small Businesses in 2021
In this blog, we will ensure that you do not let that FOMO for the marketing automation tools bring you down.
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