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#9 Key takeaways from CNCF Survey 2020

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) performs an annual survey every year to find out where and how cloud-native technologies are being adopted. Here we take look at key takeaways from the report.

#1. Kubernetes use in production has grown dramatically

About 78% of respondents are using Kubernetes in production, a huge jump from 58% last year.

Image – Kubernetes use in production has grown dramatically

Prometheus and CoreDNS also saw considerable jumps in use in production. Prometheus increased 36% over last year to 72%, and CoreDNS had an impressive 92% jump to 69%.

#2. Public cloud option is where most of the workloads run

Image – Public cloud option is where most of the workloads run

#3.Containers have become the norm

84% of respondents are using containers in production, an impressive jump from 73% in 2018.

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Image – Containers have become the norm

#4.Amazon EKS is the most favorite among organizations in Kubernetes managed service

Amazon EKS is the most favorite, check out how other providers differ.

Image – Amazon EKS is the most favorite

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#5.Cultural challenges with the development team remain the top challenge in using/deploying containers

Image – Cultural challenges remain the top challenge

Also, note Security (40%) and complexity (38%) remained high on the list.

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Take look at various approaches and specifically Google’s gVisor approach for implementing sandboxed environments in production.

#6.Rise of Service Mesh

Istio (69%) and Linkerd (64%) were the top two, suggesting they will see significant increases in use in production in the coming years.

Image – Rise of Service Mesh

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#7. There is a considerable increase in using serverless technologies

Image – Increased in use of Serverless technologies

Of those using a hosted platform, the top tool is AWS Lambda (53%). Google Cloud Functions (18%) and
Azure Functions (14%) are a distant second and third.

Check out the comparison of Serverless platforms.

Image – AWS Lambda is top tool among hosted platforms

#8.Helm is most favorite tool for managing Kubernetes applications

Since last year, Helm saw the largest increase, growing 41% to reach 69% usage in production. etcd was the most widely used, with 83% use in production.

Image – Helm is most favorite for managing k8S applications

#9.Minikube is the most popular Kubernetes dev environment

Minikube (39%) and Docker Kubernetes (32%) are the most popular Kubernetes environments during local container development.

Image – minikube is the most popular dev environment

To learn more, please view the full report.

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