Link Aadhaar with your Mutual Funds investments

In the last post you would have linked your Aadhaar with PAN,now its time to link it to your Mutual fund investments.Due to change in prevention of money laundering requirements,Aadhaar needs to be linked with your mutual fund and demat accounts by December 31, 2017.

In this post,I will take you through the steps for linking MFs in Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) other registrars like Karvy Computershare,Franklin Templeton Asset Management and Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services could be offering similar services.

Currently CAMS is servicing around 15+ fund houses.If you have invested in schemes across a number of fund houses, you would need to furnish Aadhaar details to other registrars as well.

  1. Step#1 : Visit CAMS online website, facility to link your Aadhaar is available under the investor services tab. You need to click on the option ‘Link Your Aadhaar’.
  2. Step#2: On clicking, ‘Link Your Aadhaar’, you will be taken to a short form as below.Enter your email id, PAN, Aadhaar number, and mobile number.Once PAN is entered, the screen will be refresh to provide a list of mutual fund companies in which accounts have been opened. By default, ‘All My Funds’ is checked. Hence, your Aadhaar number will be linked to all the folios under the Mutual Funds mentioned. Note : The mobile number provided should be the one registered to your Aadhaar number.
  3. Step#3: After submitting above details, a One Time Password (OTP) will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP  and provide your consent to CAMS by selecting the check box.On clicking ‘Submit’, you will taken to success message screen stating that your Aadhaar has been successfully linked to your mutual fund folios.Congrats!You have successfully linked your Aadhar with Mutual Fund investments.

Please note above Aadhaar linking process will only be successful if all the details such as Name, Date of Birth, Gender etc. match correctly. If there is a mismatch, the linking will not be successful. You will need to resolve the discrepancy and attempt back the linking process as described above.

To get Aadhaar details corrected, visit –

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