Everything You Need to Know About OTT Advertising

Video content owners, how profitable are you in your current advertising model?

While linear TV continues to be in use, OTT platforms, especially OTT TV, are garnering more attention.

When OTT platforms like this are increasing in demand, you need to reconsider your advertising revenue as a video content owner.

OTT advertising is turning considerable attention towards it. From a business front, it is helping video content owners like you tap the proper audience interest and drive better advertising revenue.

So what are OTT ads, and why should you divert your attention towards it?

What Are OTT Advertising?

OTT ads allow video content owners to place ads on streaming services via the internet.

The functions are similar to linear tv, but the results are twice better than the former.

Previously, with linear TV, ads were placed, but video content owners started to struggle when it came to tracking the performance.

With OTT advertising, this issue has been eliminated. Today video content owners can exhibit ads based on audience behavior and track their campaign performance.

Based on these analytics, video content owners can understand which of their campaigns are working well and which they can improve. This will drive better results and help you conveniently earn advertising revenue.

Placing ads without matching the user’s interest will lead them to either ignore it or skip it. To earn good revenue from AVOD alone, VOD owners need to benefit from OTT ads.

How To Conduct OTT Ads Insertion?

There are two ways to conduct this process:


CSAI stands for client-side ad insertion method. This is a traditional way where advertisers will place the ads on the platform before the viewer can access them. This isn’t a convenient method to follow, as with the rise of ad blockers, these ads can be eliminated sooner.


SSAI stands for server-side ad insertion. This is a model that is currently working well for video content owners. As the name suggests, this model stitches ads and the content together. Thus the user will watch both in one frame without interruptions or other hassles. Since it is in one frame, the presence of ad blockers will not be required.

How To Conduct Content Delivery In OTT Advertising?

The content delivery method is determined based on how well the streaming devices connect better with the OTT platforms. Since OTT video content is on the rise, using a video ad serving template can help. If you consider this template, you can then choose between SSAI or CSAI for ad display.

There are 4 steps conducted here:

  • Your campaign will be created based on the data collected by the audience.
  • When launching the campaign, it will ensure that your audience will be categorized based on the TV subscriber list chosen
  • With the help of tags, the OTT platform that streams the video will place the ads accordingly. These details will be processed and understood by the video player well.
  • Lastly, the ad activities will be tracked and the results will be sent to the video content owners to evaluate the campaign performance.

Top 7 OTT Advertising Benefits

OTT Advertising in demand

OTT advertising has been in demand because it makes it easy to drive revenue from ads alone. The main issue with ads was it got very annoying for users which is the prime reason most of it were skipped or eliminated. With the ad stitching insertion method, OTT advertising became the key highlight with the ad stitching insertion method and drew in demand.

Ads are limited

No one likes ads, but if you have the option to reduce ads, your users won’t mind subscribing to such a service. Watching fewer ads is a better option than watching the list of ads every minute. This is a medium that gre popular amongst users because they got to stream multiple VOD content without any hassle or interference.

Targets users better

If ads are not targeted to the right audience, chances are the ad performance will decline and users will not even spare any attention. With OTT advertising, video content owners like you have the opportunity to track your ad campaign performance. Based on the data available, you can create campaigns that will compel the attention of your users.

Elimination of third party cookies

The issue with third party cookies is they are collect user information which you won’t have access to and above all no user is confident to allow cookies due to the first reason. With OTT advertising, third party cookies are eliminated as the categories targeted are TV or video content.

Ads are viewed fully

Since ads are stitched to the content, the probability of viewing the complete ad stays high. With linear TV advertising, ads were either ignored or never fully viewed.

Measure ad performance

With OTT advertising, video content owners can track and analyze their campaign performance with OTT advertising with OTT advertising. Based on this, you can display ads that yield better revenue for your OTT platform.

Saves marketing budget

Another great reason to use OTT ads are it helps you save tons of money. Since you have ads that are being viewed completely, you can use the remaining marketing budget on enhancing your platform better such as social media, etc.


The presence of OTT advertising has provided a golden opportunity for video content owners to enhance their revenue better.

To help you track your advertising activities better, creating an OTT platform isn’t enough. You need to create an OTT platform that offers you multiple opportunities to check your OTT ads analytics.

It is suggested to invest in an OTT solution that offers multiple user engagement tools such as lead capture, video email marketing whilst also providing tons of other features to enhance your OTT services better.

Everything You Need to Know About OTT Advertising
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Everything You Need to Know About OTT Advertising
It is suggested to invest in an OTT solution that offers multiple user engagement tools such as lead capture, video email marketing whilst also providing tons of other features to enhance your OTT services better.
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