5 Negative Effects of Technology

Technology has made the world more connected. People can easily reach out to their loved ones no matter where they are in the world. Plus, a lot of people rely on the internet to earn a livelihood. The advancements in tech have also enabled people to make their homes smart and more responsive. Although no one can deny the positive implications of technology, there are some negative effects as well. For instance, watching too much television can cause you eyestrain. This is why I often take frequent breaks whenever I am watching my favorite shows on my Charter Spectrum cable. Also, if you use social media way too much then it might cause psychological issues.

Technology is great but overuse of anything is bad. With that said, let’s take a look at five negative effects of technology.

#1. Isolation

People have become addicted to social media. They are always glued to either their smartphone or desktop screens and are always on such platforms, chatting or posting things. However, this is slowly detaching the young generation from the real world. People have started to feel isolated because of this. According to a study, the young adults were who used social media more often were found to be more socially isolated than those who didn’t use the platforms as much. Therefore, it is important to find ways to minimize the use of social media.

#2. Anxiety & Depression

Social media may seem to be a safe place to be but you just don’t know how dangerous it can get if you overuse it. The thing is that the excessive use of social media is linked to the increase in mental health disorders. You may feel great depression and anxiety. There are different platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook which usually places social pressures on teenagers and adults. There is also the factor of cyberbullying that can easily disturb a person’s mental wellbeing.

#3. Digital Eye Strain

It has been observed that if a person uses digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets for prolonged hours then this can cause digital eye strain. There are many symptoms of digital eye strain which include, dry eyes, blurred vision, shoulder and neck pain, and headaches. But what causes this? Well, factors such as bad lighting, screen glare, and improper viewing distance are all responsible.

#4. Physical Inactivity

When someone is glued to technological gadgets and is spending the entire day staring at the screen then it’s obvious that the person will never think about any physical activity. This lack of physical activity will not only make you lazy but might as well take you toward obesity. Therefore, it is always recommended to limit your screen time so you may exercise daily. It will help get back in shape and you would feel more refreshed. You can also consider going for a run. This will keep you active and would make you more productive.

#5. Sleep Issues

If you have a habit of using technological devices like a smartphone near your bedtime then this can cause sleep issues. This is because the blue light which emits from the screen will stimulate your brain. And when it does that, it will become really difficult for you to sleep. And as a result of which you would feel less active the next day. What you should ideally do is to stop using electronic devices a couple of hours before you go to bed. It will make it easier for you to fall asleep. If you really have to do some kind of activity before your bedtime then you can try reading a book. You can even consider doing gentle exercises.


Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. And these advancements have completely changed the way people used to live their lives. However, the tech has its negative effects as well such as the ones mentioned above. Therefore, it is better if you take some steps to limit the use of technology just so you can remain healthy both mentally and physically.

5 Negative Effects of Technology
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5 Negative Effects of Technology
Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. And these advancements have completely changed the way people used to live their lives. However, the tech has its negative effects as well such as the ones mentioned above.
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