Sleep better

Track your sleep cycle, monitor dreams, improve bedtime habits & wake up better with the free Sleep Better sleep tracker app with smart alarm clock! Sleep Better offers you a simple and engaging way to get better sleep using a sleep tracker and sleep timer.

Features :

  • Sleep monitor: This sleep tracker monitors your sleep cycle, duration (both light and deep sleep) and efficiency with the simple tap of a button and placing your device by your pillow.
  • Works in airplane mode: Simply set your device on your bed (next to your pillow). Your sleep app will do the work!
  • Sleep timer: Track your light sleep & deep sleep phases & time spent awake in bed.
  • Track caffeine & alcohol consumption, exercise info, and stress level to determine the effects of these variables on your sleep quality.
  • Monitor moon phases and find out if it impacts your sleep cycle, internal alarm clock, deep sleep, sleep duration or snooze patterns.
  • Sleep track with your tablet: This sleep app and alarm clock works on tablets, too! Same as your smartphone, place it right next to your pillow.
  • Share sleep tracking sessions via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & email.

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