How to Merge Excel Files and Worksheets in Bulk? today released their new free utility Excel Merger, which is a handy Excel software tool allows users to combine Excel XLS/XLSX and ODS/CSV/XML Files, Workbooks and Spreadsheets to one single worksheet file without MS Office or MS Excel installed.

Image – New Excel Combining Utility Merges Excel Files and Worksheets in Bulk

Unlike other Excel combining applications only combining Excel documents into one single file, this brilliant tool could also merge all worksheets in a file to one workbook, or merge all worksheets in multiple Excel files into one worksheet in one single file. This would be much useful when a user needs to combine all docs, files, workbooks, tables, and forms together. If users want to join some worksheets in a file only, the sheets range option allows them to combine only selected worksheets instead of the entire worksheet file.

In addition to combining files and worksheets, Excel Merger also allows users to combine rows and columns in dozens of Excel table documents or workbooks in bulk.

Key Features :

  • Combine Multiple Excel Documents into One Single Excel File
  • Merge Spreadsheets & Workbooks into One Worksheet File in bulk
  • Combine Several Excel Files and Worksheets to One Workbook in One Excel Document
  • Combine Parts of all Spreadsheets by setting a Sheet Range
  • Join Table Rows and Columns in Multiple Files
  • Support Mixed Combining XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV and XML Formats
  • Output to XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV and XML Formats
  • Combine Files & Worksheets in Fast Mode
  • Office and MS Excel are not required
  • Small file size, only 3.3 MB
  • Multi-language User Interface supported: English, French, German, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Polish, and Italian.

Download Excel Merger from here. made up of a team of devoted programmers that previously released a wide variety of business and office utilities such as PDF to Excel Converter and Free Excel Viewer etc.

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How to Merge Excel Files and Worksheets in Bulk?
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How to Merge Excel Files and Worksheets in Bulk?
A new spreadsheet combining tool merges Excel and more worksheet format files and workbooks into one single file or workbook.
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