Use Top Vocal Warm Up techniques to help you exercise your voice

Use the 1-minute Vocal WarmUp exercises that actors, teachers, presenters and influential people use to find and keep an effective, flexible, strong voice.Choose a single 1-minute WarmUp just before an important meeting, or build and save your own warmup sequences to improve your voice and keep it in great condition every day.

Every week you’ll receive a brand new WarmUp of the week, created by two of the world’s leading vocal trainers – Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, both voice coaches on The Voice UK and authors of the bestselling book “This Is A Voice”.

These exercises are divided into sections focusing on different techniques to make your voice clear, strong, open and interesting:

  1. Breath Control
  2. Tongue Exercises
  3. Clear Speech
  4. Interesting Voice
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