Declutter your text messages with Skype Lite App SMS Insights

The new SMS Insights feature on Skype Lite is built to help you to declutter the information overload. SMS Insights goes far beyond simply organizing your messages: it aggregates the information you need and presents it at a glance, sorting it into categories like Finance, Shopping, Travel, Reminders, and Promotions. It empowers you to easily interact the messages you want, while offering relevant action links that allow you to pay bills, check-in to flights, and even call customer support numbers.

As an example,Let’s look at the Finance category.Instead of having to sort through all your texts and find those from financial institutions, and determine the balances of your bank accounts, credit cards, and wallets individually, with Skype Lite all you have to do is look at SMS Insights. The Finance section shows your current balances across your accounts and wallets, on one screen, based on your most recent SMS messages.

According to Microsoft “Microsoft does not read your SMS messages or store your SMS data on the servers. In addition, SMS Insights is enabled for users, only after they give SMS permission to Skype Lite app,” The SMS feature is at present only available to Skype Lite Android users in India.

All categories have smart functions, not just Finance; the Shopping category shows you the date and status of your orders, and lets you track packages with just one touch; the Promotions category pulls out the biggest discounts to present you with the best deals.

By collating all this information in one place and offering you these smart functions, Skype Lite wants to make your SMS experience productive and interactive. To serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your communication needs, big or small.

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