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Use ScriptSafe Browser extension for secure browsing

ScriptSafe is a chrome extension that gives users control of the web and more secure browsing while emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness.Its also available for other browsers as well. Download for Chrome ,Firefox & Opera More information (quick start, feature list, domain expressions/examples, and more) here: Key

Start saving money: BEST 6 Shopping Chrome extensions

In continuation of BEST Chrome extensions series,here are the best 6 shopping chrome extensions to help you save money while shopping online. Let me know if I have missed out any of them. #1.Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker Keepa adds price history charts and the

TOP 50 Chrome Extensions (categorized listing)

Categorized listing of TOP 50 Chrome extensions Productivity #1.Pushbullet Pushbullet brings Android Smartphone to your desktop to your Chrome screen.With Pushbullet, it’s possible for you to manage a lot of sections of your Android phone, such as messages, songs, photos, links etc. There is a

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TOP 6 Chrome Extensions for integration with Google Services

In the earlier posts,we have seen some of the best chrome extensions for improving productivity, media and security.Now here we see TOP 6 extensions for integration with Google services. #1. Google Dictionary For those who find hard to understand words while browsing web, Google Dictionary is a