Review: Your Ultimate Solution for Image to Text Conversion

Do you want to convert your physical documents to digital documents with just a click? Has your retyping job been so hectic and boring lately? Do you wish for a friend who would retype text for you without frowning?

Don’t worry, all the solutions to your problems are here. In this guide, we will provide you with a helping hand that will quickly and accurately finish your retyping tasks without demanding anything in return. is a free AI tool that can convert any image to text quickly and precisely. We will talk about its working, features, and uses.

So let’s begin our discovery of this outstanding image to text AI!

What are Image-to-text converters?

Images to text converters are advanced tools that extract text from the images. The physical text is converted into digital and editable text by OCR technology. These tools work 100X faster than humans who take hours to complete a retyping task. The digital text converted using an image to text converter is the exact copy of physical text.

What is is an advanced tool that assists users in extracting text from images. It is designed using OCR models that permit it to easily convert text from images. The OCR models or optical character recognition models determine the written letters, words, and sentences, and convert them to typed text in just a few seconds. It is a super fast and accurate tool for text extraction.

How to use

It is a fundamental images to text converter. It has a super simple user interface which doesn’t scare away the users. Let’s discuss the steps to use it below:

1.Take Photos:

Take the photos of your physical documents that you want to retype or digitize.

2.Upload on Tool:

Now upload the image or images of the physical document on the image to text converter. You can upload up to 50 images at a time.

Image – Upload the image or images of the physical document

3.Click ‘Get Text’:

Click on the “Get text” button and wait for a couple of seconds. The tool will extract text from the uploaded image or images with ultra speed in just a few seconds.

4.Compare Physical Text & E-text:

Now compare the original physical text with the e-text generated by this picture to text converter online. You will be amazed to see 100% accuracy like how it surprised me.

Image – Compare the original physical text with the e-text generated

5.Copy and Use:

Copy the e-text and paste it into the desired document or database.

Isn’t it a sinecure? Helping users in retyping quickly and precisely without even a single penny.

What are the Features of

This AI text converter is like a guardian angel saving us from the distress and boredom that come with retyping tasks. It not only extracts text from the images but also provides various features that make it the best images to text converter.

1.AI OCR Engineering:

The AI technology is autonomous and works well on its own. This images to text converter is AI-based with advanced OCR models that allow it to extract any text easily and accurately.

2.Batch Processing:

This AI image to text converter can process many pictures at a time, saving the user’s time. It can process up to 50 images at a time which is pretty much.

3.Multiple Languages:

The can convert text in multiple languages. The OCR technology incorporated in this tool extracts text in all widely used languages of the world.

Image – Multiple languages support

4.Images Formats:

It accepts various image formats including SVG, PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, etc. You thus, don’t have to go through the alteration of the format of the images before professing them in this tool.

Image – Accepts various image formats

5.Handwriting Recognition:

Another distinguishing feature is that it can detect and extract handwritten text from the images. Most other tools are unable to detect human written text because every human has a different style of handwriting.

6.Blurry Text Extraction:

This text converter can even extract text from blurred images which are hard to read because of it’s high-end development.


The processing of this tool is very quick, it extracts text from large documents within a couple of seconds.


The text extracted from the images is the exact e-copy of physical documents thus it provides complete precision.


This tool’s various features are free without any subscription or account.

10.Anonymity and Security:

The user can anonymously use the tool and the data extracted is not stored thus your information is secure.

All these features of image to text AI make it the perfect image to text converter for all your dull retyping tasks.

What are the Uses of Images to Text Converter?

The image to text AI is very useful in today’s digital age, where we need to digitize every piece of information for easy access and better storage. Here are some uses of this online picture to text converter:

  • It is used to convert large physical documents to digital and editable documents.
  • It is used to retype the text quickly and accurately.
  • It is used to convert text in various languages of the world.
  • It is used to extract handwritten text in any language of the world.
  • It is used to extract text from blurry or low-resolution images which are hard to read.
  • It is used to extract large data in just a few seconds.
  • It is used to extract data effectively from images with security and autonomy.
  • It is used in offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, advertising agencies, editorial offices, and various firms to quickly and securely digitize physical documents.


In short, is the ultimate solution for immediate and accurate image to text conversion. It works with great speed and accuracy. It can convert text in various languages. It is a high-tech tool that extracts handwritten text as well as distorted text. It works anonymously keeping your information or data secure. It has become a handy helper for everyone in this digital age where everything should be computerized for better access and storage. If you are also looking for a tool that can assist you in digitizing documents then is the best choice.

Summary Review: Your Ultimate Solution for Image to Text Conversion
Article Name Review: Your Ultimate Solution for Image to Text Conversion
In short, is the ultimate solution for immediate and accurate image to text conversion. It works with great speed and accuracy.
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