How to Convert Word to JPG Format in Bulk?

PDFZilla is a utility that specializes in converting documents from PDF format to other document formats, has officially released a new tool. The Batch Word to JPG converter is a free software tool that simplifies the process of converting any MS Word document to images so that it can be read on smart devices, computers and on websites without installing Microsoft Office or Word application.

Exchanging documents among users is made easy when files are available in a convenient and easy to read format. This new batch WORD to JPG conversion utility is easy to use and capable of converting both Word Doc and Word Docx documents into 7 image formats like JPG and PNG files.

The highlighted feature in this tool launched by PDFZilla is the application’s ability to enable users to conveniently convert hundreds or even thousands of word files into images, all with one single click of a mouse. It creates an intuitive experience for people at home or at the office when they have a requirement to process conversion in bulk quantities.

PDFZilla – Batch convert Word to JPG

Technology of Batch Conversion

The Batch Word to JPG Converter is a reliable converter and a versatile program that is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. The program can work on Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista and XP operating systems. Users also have the option to download this tool for free and install it on Windows Server versions or choose to run a lite version on any machine by storing the installer file in a USB drive.

Supported Formats and Features

Batch Word to JPG Converter can convert Microsoft Word documents from all versions into JPG and more image formats seamlessly. It can transform a single document as well as a bunch of files in one go. The tool supports docx, doc, Rich Text RTF, web page HTML/HTM and Open Document Format (also known as ODT) into image formats. In addition to JPG/JPEG format, Batch Word to JPG converter has incorporated multiple other image formats including PNG, TIF, TGA, BMP, GIF, and PCX.

With the help of this newly released useful tool, users can also select to convert Word docs into PDF format. The conversion doesn’t require users to have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office installed on their computers. The whole process of conversion from one doc format to another can be handled without the need for specific software applications licensed and installed on the host PC.

How to Use Batch Word to JPG Converter?

Batch Word to JPG converter is a lightweight, free software program that weighs in at just 8 MB. You can download the installer directly from their website and choose to install the tool on your desktop/laptop PCs.

Once you set up the program, there is an option to add individual Word Doc files or drag and drop a batch of documents to be converted into JPG or the selected image format. The tool has ensured there is no limitation on the number of docs that can be converted at a time and it is one of the highlight features that set the Batch Word to JPG Converter outstanding when compared to other similar online document converting services.

Users have the ability to set the output image format, image size determined by 200dpi, 300dpi or higher based on the requirement for various use on multiple platforms.

Reliability and Data Security

PDFZilla, Inc. is a trusted Windows utility development company that has successfully established dozens of applications and has millions of users around the globe who use it on the regular basis. They specialize in providing the highest level of privacy and data security when converting users’ confidential and sensitive files.

All doc conversions are made on users’ local computer, and the program would not upload or transfer any data via internet. That means the tool can be secured while converting any formats. Batch Word to JPG Converter supports major languages including English, French, German, Arabic, S/T Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Spanish among several other language options.

This free tool is a reliable one and has no hidden costs, malware or automated toolbar adware installation problems. This makes it highly reliable for office use when processing confidential data and files. The batch conversion function delivered by Batch Word to JPG converter can be used in web marketing by digital social media marketers to share useful documents easier to the target audience. This is a cost-effective solution for non-profit organizations because Batch Word to JPG Converter runs without a valid Microsoft Office or MS Word license for every user in order to convert available doc files into the image format for transferring.

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How to Convert Word to JPG Format in Bulk?
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How to Convert Word to JPG Format in Bulk?
Batch Word to JPG Converter can convert Microsoft Word documents from all versions into JPG and more image formats seamlessly.
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