If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional routers here it is WiFi Mesh Networks

Wi-Fi Mesh-networking kits uses multiple access points spread around your house/small office and are a great alternative to traditional routers for large homes where a single powerful router can’t make it.

  1. Traditional networks rely on a small number of wired access points or wireless hotspots to connect users. In a wireless mesh network, the network is spread out among number of mesh nodes that “talk” to each other to share the network connection across a large area.In simple terms,a mesh network is two or more routers which work together to provide much wider Wi-Fi coverage than a normal router can.
  2. Mesh Nodes are programmed with software that tells them how to interact within the larger network. Information travels across the network from point A to point B by hopping wirelessly from one mesh node to the next. Using dynamic routing,the nodes automatically choose the quickest and safest path.
  3. In Mesh network,only one node needs to be physically wired to a network connection like a DSL Internet modem. That one wired node then shares its Internet connection wirelessly with all other nodes in its vicinity. Those nodes then share the connection wirelessly with the nodes closest to them.

Video – Eero


  1. Most of the mesh router providers offer mobile apps to automate network setup. Mobile apps allows the users quickly scan their speeds, cut off Wi-Fi access to certain networks, create guest networks, test the quality between the various connection points and even connect to smart home devices.
  2. As opposed to traditional routers where range extender are deployed to boost signals.A mesh router system, doesn’t require constant re-connection when you move from room to room. You also won’t have to deal with as much lag, as the access points all broadcast the same signal, rather than having to route requests through multiple networks.
  3. Along with easy management, some residential mesh-router kits come with good security support. Most of the mesh router systems automatically check for, and install, firmware updates.


  1. High costs : Good mesh router kits costs more than 30k

Considerations for buying Mesh Router

  • If you have a house/small office (ex.3000+ sqft) that a single router can’t cover [OR]
  • House/small office with signal-killing interior walls (ex. brick, or concrete blocks), or with a complicated layout.



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