Stamp Recognition software

If you’re seasoned collector of stamps,you would find this software really useful, SRS(Stamp Recognition Software) an invaluable tool. If you have inherited a collection and want to value it, but have little knowledge of stamps, then SRS & EzStamp will help you to identify and inventory the stamps you own.Just point your cell phone to take a snap of your stamp and have SRS, EzStamp find it for you.

Features :

  • Quick & Easy way to identify stamps by simply taking a picture of it!
  • Stamp recognition software is fully integrated with stamp inventory software (EzStamp). Once SRS identifies the stamp, just RIGHT click on the image identified and select Add to Inventory. Once you close SRS, that stamp would be automatically displayed for you in EzStamp ready to be inventoried.
  • SRS can easily and quickly identify any FACE DIFFERENT Stamp. It will not be able to uniquely identify stamps where the only difference is a watermark, perforation variety, minor color variety (ie rose red, red rose, light red, dk red etc) or minor design varieties (flyspeck varieties or types). In general, if you can see a difference in design with the naked eye, then SRS will likely find it. If there are varieties or color shades of a stamp, it can locate them all & then you can decide which one it is.
  • You can even do batches of stamps. Scan multiple stamps & let SRS identify each one for you to inventory in EzStamp.
  • Whether you are a seasoned philatelist or a beginner, our Stamp Recognition Software will make identifying most stamps simple & fast.

Working demo version is available with below functionalities

  • Fully Functional for 100 uses to try before you buy. Demo will work during the trial period without having EzStamp.
  • Support for 4 countries  (Australian Antarctic Territory, Aden, Aland, Alderney) to try.
  • Drag & Drop, Paste or Load From disk any stamp image & SRS will analyze it.

Full version costs $39.99 USD

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. You MUST also have a registered copy of EzStamp to use SRS. SRS will only work in conjunction with EzStamp.
  • MAC users can run SRS with Windows emulation software such as Virtual PC , Boot Camp or Parallels (not supplied with SRS).

Download from :

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Stamp Recognition software
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Stamp Recognition software
If you're seasoned collector of stamps,you would find this software really useful, SRS(Stamp Recognition Software) an invaluable tool
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