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Get ready for Super Speed USB 3.2

The next version of USB, USB 3.2, will double the speed of existing Type-C cables. Cables currently qualified for USB 3.1 generation 1’s 5Gbps will be able to operate at 10Gbps; those qualified for generation 2’s 10Gbps will be able to run at 20Gbps. Delivers

Recheck your Facebook privacy settings

From the last post, we know what kinds of information is being collected. In this post, we are going to check how to review privacy settings and make appropriate corrections. Please note corrections are subjective and based on your needs. To review privacy settings, our

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Convert printed text to digital text using Adobe Scan App

App Name: Adobe Scan App [Android & iOS App] Cost: Free (No ads) Developer: Adobe Description: Adobe Scan app applies optical character recognition (OCR) to convert the printed text to digital text so that it can be searched, selected, copied or annotated in Acrobat Reader.

Android Oreo is here!

Android Oreo is here! lets look at what new features it has to offer. Core features : Power saving : Android Oreo has put automatic limits on app background activities. These background limits will specifically include implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates. This translates

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Stamp Recognition software

If you’re seasoned collector of stamps,you would find this software really useful, SRS(Stamp Recognition Software)¬†an invaluable tool. If you have inherited a collection and want to value it, but have little knowledge of stamps, then SRS & EzStamp will help you to identify and inventory