The trends to be a better leader in the digital world and how to apply them

What will the leaders of the future look like? What skills must they develop to have a successful company in this digital age? These and more questions are key at this time, where digitalization is imposing itself in different work areas.

In the book “The future leader” this question was asked to more than 140 CEOs from all over the world. Leaders in charge of large companies such as MasterCard, Unilever and Kaiser. To this consultation, it was determined that the definition of a vision within the organization and the execution of the strategy continue to be important. However, he also shed light on what this new leader will be like for the coming decades.

The 6 trends in the future of leadership

If you are in a leadership position or are part of a work team, we leave you the 6 trends that will set the tone in the future.

1- Artificial intelligence and technology

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology is one of the most important trends in leadership in the coming years.

However, changes bring uncertainty and therein lies the challenge of the leader. Therefore, a calm environment must be guaranteed so that employees are not reluctant to new technologies, but instead see the value it has in optimizing time and the performance of their work.

2- Rate of change

We are constantly changing. It is part of society, globalization and new technologies that are advancing by leaps and bounds. It is a matter of analyzing what companies were like in the last century and how they are operating today.

However, the big difference is the rate at which these changes occur. Today the speed is accelerated, where both worker and leader must be constantly updating themselves to the trends of the moment.

To have a successful company in the 21st century, leaders must focus on looking to the future, accepting changes at the right time and being agile in implementation. If they don’t, others will do it for them. Examples of this we have in different industries: BlackBerry and its smartphones that did not go to the next level or Blockbuster and the lack of modernization of its product before the arrival of streaming platforms.

Technological changes digital leader

3- Purpose and meaning

The new generations no longer only worry about a high salary when deciding to work in one company over another. Today, there are other equally important edges such as the purpose and meaning of said organization.

The purpose is the “objective that is intended to be achieved” within a company, why to execute certain actions and how it will approach the different stakeholders such as employees, customers, shareholders, etc.

On the other hand, meaning is associated with the personal impact of each employee’s work. This leads the members of a team to seek that their efforts have an impact within the organization and that they pursue the general purpose of the company.

For this, the leader must know what motivates his workers to be part of the company and be a bridge so that they feel that their voice is considered in it.

4- New talent landscape

The inclusion of qualified employees must be constant within a company. And those workers can be of different ages as well as from different locations. With teleworking, this aspect has been opened up by having the possibility of hiring personnel from all over the world, attracting them with a good purpose and retaining said talent, enhancing their skills and abilities.

Today the leader must work on the development of diverse teams, in addition to creating inclusive environments that foster the creativity of its members.

5- Morality, ethics and transparency

Another of the tendencies of the new leader is his authenticity, humility, honesty and transparency when carrying out this position.

Ethics is also relevant in organizations, both to obtain better financial results and to achieve greater satisfaction of their workers and potential clients.

6- Globalization

With technological growth and globalization, we are all more and more connected. Today you can communicate almost instantly with any corner of the world, which opens the possibility of looking for external talent and also clients in different countries.

Faced with this scenario, leaders must project global businesses and face the cultural and linguistic barriers that come their way.

And how should that digital leader be?

Among the skills that the new digital leader must develop, the following stand out:

1- Be pro digitization

Digital leaders must be up to date with technological trends such as automation, robotics, big data, etc. In turn, be attentive to what is happening in the market and how the industry in which your company belongs is moving.

2- Have a hyper-collaborative mentality

This is associated with the ability of people to work together to resolve problems with customers or within the organization. The leader must generate alliances between companies, with their employees and with the different stakeholders that are related to the company.

3- Power of adaptability

Adapt to changes or become obsolete. That is the decision that the digital leader must make to take their company to the next level.

4- Know how to execute

It is not only about being predisposed to change, but also carrying out a clear strategy for its correct execution.

5- Promote new talents

The digital leader must empower their workers and give them the necessary space to be creative, express their opinions and develop all their talent.

The trends to be a better leader in the digital world and how to apply them
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The trends to be a better leader in the digital world and how to apply them
If you are in a leadership position or are part of a work team, we leave you the 6 trends that will set the tone in the future.
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