Advantages and disadvantages of NFTs

Since their origin, cryptocurrencies and the various platforms that work with crypto assets and Blockchain have witnessed the hectic market they have been a part of.

Since 2020, cryptocurrencies have represented for many people a new way to capitalize on their savings, where Bitcoin is the investment leader. More of this, just read here.

Individuals have decided to start investing in cryptocurrencies and large companies, even betting beyond what was expected, managing to introduce this decentralized concept in the New York Stock Exchange.

NFT and FT acronyms that move the crypto world

When talking about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), we refer to digital assets based on smart contracts, unique and impossible to duplicate.

Each NFT is unique, and no other equal can exist in the Blockchain environment; this characteristic makes them special; they cannot be changed or replaced.

All Bitcoins are the same, but NFTs have special and unique characteristics that differentiate them to make the concept clearer. Therefore, they are not interchangeable.

On the other hand, we find fungible tokens, which we can define as tokens or digital currencies that can be exchanged and replaced by another completely the same.

In effect, fungible tokens are all existing cryptocurrencies which by nature, can be divided into fractions that allow their users to acquire them in an easy and accessible way.

The FT is in charge of carrying out most of the transactions or exchange operations on the Blockchain platform because they are the only tokens with an identical value and can be exchanged in this way.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-fungible tokens

Like any crypto active or cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens have a set of advantages and disadvantages that we must identify before making any investment.


  • non-fungible tokens represent an attractive new strategy for many more people to join the crypto world; digital art attracts the attention of individuals, artists, and members of the entertainment world.
  • The certificates of authenticity generated through blockchain technology give pieces of digital art more excellent value, making them increasingly coveted in the digital market.
  • They represent a new way of generating income from creating NFTs or through participation in electronic games known as Play to earn.
  • Not only works of digital art but also collections can be exhibited easily and practically, benefiting their creators in purchasing them.


Because it is such an innovative market, there are risks of losses that often get out of the hands of both decentralized platforms and users due to the volatility of the digital market.

An extended period is used to create a digital work of art, which means that the platforms become complicated and generate errors.

They are not as well-known and used as fungible tokens.

Before entering this digital art environment, a high level of preparation is required; it is not as recognized and controllable as cryptocurrencies.

The popularity of NFTs

Due to the negative impacts that economies worldwide have suffered due to the pandemic, everything related to Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and crypto-assets has generated tremendous curiosity and popularity among its users and individuals.

The degree of acceptance that this type of digital proposal is generating is increasing, and the impact on large corporations has led them to allocate part of their capital to investments in crypto assets.

Many industries find in NFTs and cryptocurrencies the solution to various problems, even using them as tools that counteract the impact of traditional market inflation.

In addition, the income of thousands and millions of dollars that it is generating for its users is one of the most attractive aspects because the traditional economy is increasingly strangling the payment of people who perform typical work tasks.


Although the world of non-fungible tokens represents an uncertain and unknown world for many, there is a diversity of platforms that educate and prepare all those interested in the crypto world.

Nobody said that it would be a simple task to adapt to a new market, but it turns out that this new proposal represents the future of the economy and finances in the world, that is why we must prepare ourselves and define which of the investment areas offered by Blockchain suits our needs.

The economy is changing, and we must update.

Advantages and disadvantages of NFTs
Article Name
Advantages and disadvantages of NFTs
Although the world of non-fungible tokens represents an uncertain and unknown world for many, there is a diversity of platforms that educate and prepare all those interested in the crypto world.
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