What is Voice API and Which One Fits your Needs?

Today app developers need to create an instant solution for the smooth running of any apps. While components are available to build an application, the process and time taken are too long.

Thus to make things easier, solutions such as voice API services come into the picture. The use of programmable voice API provides app developers like you with pre-built components where creating an application becomes an easy task.

To help you understand this better along with which is the right one to choose, this blog will be your guide.

What is meant by Voice API?

Voice API ensures that voice communication takes place well. API is used to conduct the engagement. The purpose of an API is to ensure that actions requested are catered to well. API functions as the background where all the requests are being catered too. Thus, when it comes to conducting efficient voice engagements, voice API is the main key.

With voice API, engagements can take place anywhere and at any time. With efficient features from voice API solution providers, voice API enhances all the requirements from the app developers.

So, let’s see where can these voice API be used in the next section?

Top 5 Industries that Benefit From Voice Call Service

The use of voice API has benefited multiple industries. Due to its ease of use, engagements have become much easier.

These are the top 5 industries that benefit well from the use of audio call services.


Healthcare can benefit from the use of voice APIs. With voice API, healthcare professionals can improve engagements between patients. They can connect with rural areas and still offer their services. Apart from this, voice APIs can be used to send automated reminders and all.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism sector can also benefit from the use of voice APIs. With this, tour agents can easily send voice reminders about ticket booking and any related changes if any. Apart from this, tour agents can maximize their community better by reaching out to tourists across the globe. This helps keep everything on track on behalf of tour agents.


The food industry can also benefit from the use of voice APIs. Instead of visiting restaurants, people can easily book their food or else can book their seats too at the restaurant with a simple voice call API. The connection will take less than a minute and the process will be convenient. This convenience can also increase table bookings in restaurants.


Using a voice API can benefit both vendors and their customers. While for customers, it can help them engage on a quick customer service call whereas for vendors, it can help them keep in touch with their loyal customers better. Having a reliable communication platform can benefit retailers with better customer support.


When it comes to understanding your finances better, wouldn’t it be great to receive quicker assistance? Voice APIs ensure this happens. You can easily engage with callers to speak or clarify topics related to finances. This works similarly to the above-listed industries.

Top 5 Voice API Providers To Choose From in 2021

Investing in the right voice API solution matters. While there are multiple in the market, you need to choose the efficient one. To help make this easy, we have listed the top 5 voice calling API providers.

CONTUS MirrorFly

CONTUS MirrorFly lets you integrate highly secured voice calling APIs and SDKs into any device and platform. The API focuses on helping you build a quicker and reliable voice communication platform. MirrorFly has a diverse team of 300+ specialized API developers that ensure the API meets all your requirements. This API provider is 100% customizable and offers tons of related features. With MirrorFly, app developers can benefit from the smooth creation of voice applications.

Top Features:

  • 1-1 Call
  • Conference call
  • Voice call recording
  • Cross-platform calling
  • Call queuing
  • Interactive voice response
  • Call monitoring and reporting
  • VOIP/SIP Calling
  • Speech to text
  • Callback service
  • Voice note or call messaging


Twilio helps you build a scalable voice experience with an API and lets you connect with anyone globally. Twilio has customization options that allows you to scale as per your needs. This API provider also offers other communication API to suit all your requirements. Twilio’s API is supported by the brand’s network thus ensuring that no connection issues are found. Twilio also supports privacy in calls and gives you the option to block any unwanted callers.

Top features:

  • Call tracking
  • Masked calling
  • Global conferencing
  • Embedded calling


Vonage offers multiple communication APIs. With Vonage’s voice API solution, you will only pay the price based on your usage. This API provider lets you do more than just make a simple voice call – One of them is tracking calls to capture all call details being made. Vonage also lets you add simple interactive scripts with just a simple line of code.

Top features:

  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Audio playback
  • Text to speech
  • Audio streaming


Plivo is another great voice API provider. Plivo lets you integrate voice calling within your applications. It helps you to receive as well as control calls from across the globe instantly. Plivo also lets you connect over calls and control them based on the devices being used to connect. You can also build powerful voice call workflows easily with Plivo.

Top features:

  • Conference call
  • Voice call alerts
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail


Sinch is another great voice call API provider. It helps you reach out to a wider audience and enhance the user experience accordingly. It offers programmable voice calling solutions to help deliver efficient customer support services. It even offers a secure login option for safer engagements. Another reason to choose Sinch is the ability to scale as per the requirements.

Top Features:

  • Number masking
  • Voice-based IVR
  • Call recording
  • SIP Integration


Using a voice API solution makes it easy for app developers like you to build an efficient application. Voice API and SDKs ensure that building a voice application is simple.  To get started with the right voice API solution, invest in only reliable ones available in the market.

So tell us what you think of voice calling API?

Which best voice API provider will you choose?

What is Voice API and Which One Fits your Needs?
Article Name
What is Voice API and Which One Fits your Needs?
Using a voice API solution makes it easy for app developers like you to build an efficient application. Voice API and SDKs ensure that building a voice application is simple.  To get started with the right voice API solution, invest in only reliable ones available in the market.
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