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Guest Post: WordPress and Stats about Its Popularity

Nobody can deny that WordPress is in a league of its own as a website builder. The company behind it has only 830 employees, but they offer so much to others, and for free.

With WordPress, anyone can create an amazing website. Even more impressive, it only takes a few clicks to set up any function. If you want to, you can even create your own online store and start your own business.

It’s no wonder WordPress is so popular. We’ll give you just a couple of numbers to help you understand how widely used WordPress is.

For starters, WordPress powers about 33% of all websites. That’s right; a third of the entire internet runs on this one piece of software. Impressive already, right? With 661 new WordPress websites going online each day and some 70 million new posts each month, this percentage will only get higher.

In fact, WordPress is absolutely crushing the competition with 60% of the CMS market share. Their closest competitor has 5.7%.

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Remember how we mentioned online stores? WordPress is conquering the world of e-commerce as well. WooCommerce, an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, accounts for about 28% of all e-commerce activity worldwide.

Not only is it popular, but WordPress also brings together a community. You might have heard of WordCamps. They are events happening all over the world. Last year alone, 139 WordCamps were organized. That’s 13 more than the previous year.

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WordPress meetup groups have grown in the number of members from 511,000 last year to 668,000. That’s over half a million WordPress enthusiasts sharing ideas all over the globe.

As you see, WordPress is incredibly popular. Moreover, it gains hundreds of thousands of active users by the year.

The beauty and the allure of it is that anyone can join. It has never been easier to more affordable to become a website owner. GRE 728x90

Therefore, if you might be interested in owning your own website, we can recommend the infographic below. In it, you’ll find the data you should know before embarking on your WordPress journey.

35 WordPress Statistics for the Informed Digital Marketing Expert

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Guest Post: WordPress and Stats about Its Popularity
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Guest Post: WordPress and Stats about Its Popularity
WordPress powers about 33% of all websites. One third of the entire internet runs on this one piece of software.
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