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IFTTT free web based automation service

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IFTTT is the free web based automation service for small tasks between Internet-connected services. Some of the sample services includes Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Nest, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa, and Gmail.For example, if you make a status update on one service (a trigger), IFTTT service will make sure an action takes place on another channel to, for example, re-post the same update. Combine them just right and you can create a chain of triggers and actions across a number of services. Currently this blog updates are being broadcast using IFTTT to FB,Twitter,linkedin etc.,

IFTTT brings services together into Applets. An Applet connects two or more apps or devices together. It enables you to do something that those apps or devices couldn’t do on their own.For example, you could use an Applet to add Google Calendar events to to-dolist. Or one that lets you create events in your iPhone Calendar, via Google on their own.

Applets are composed of triggers and actions.On average, most Applets run within 15 minutes of being triggered.

Following is sample of how to create new applet to sync your Twitter & Facebook profile automatically.

  1. Head over to to create new account.You can use your existing Google account to login.
  2. Once you login,on the right hand side under ‘Services’ section enable Twitter & Facebook channel.
  3. From the top bar,click on ‘Search’ to search for ‘Twitter Profile Sync’.Use either one of the applet.

    Under ‘Search’ bar,enter ‘Twitter Profile Sync’

  4. On the applet,’Turn On’ to enable the applet.

    Click on ‘Turn on’ to enable the applet

    This is an optional step,you can add a tweet

  5. Click on ‘Check Now’ to check if the applet is working.

    ‘Check Now’ enables to check if there are any issues in applet run

    Now every time you change your photo at Facebook profile,it gets sync up twitter profile.

  6.  Cool right,discover more Applets at IFTTT and here,repeat the same steps!

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