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New Year

New Year Resolution 2020 #1: Take back your Privacy

Cybercrime is increasing day-by-day and has become a multi-billion industry. Cyber attacks coming in various forms and are designed to not only target technological weaknesses but also exploit people. So it’s essential to take steps and beware, take preventive steps to stay secure in the digital world.

Secure Connection

Everything You Need to Know About the Threats of Public WiFi

We are all guilty of using public WiFi. Be it at our favorite coffee shop or a free hotspot we stumble upon while traveling. We see free WiFi, and we think “Jackpot!” instead of considering the potential security threats. But ignoring these threats doesn’t make

Beware of “Agent Smith” malware,25 million devices affected

Recently researchers from Check Point discovered a new variant of mobile malware that infected around 25 million devices. In early 2019, the Check Point Research team observed a surge of Android malware attack attempts against users in India which had strong characteristics of Janus vulnerability