New Corrupt PDF Repair Utility Fixes PDFs by Data Restructuring

Today launched their new freeware utility PDF Fixer, which fixes damaged and unreadable PDF files by restructuring the corrupt PDF data, rebuilding XREF tables, and then recovers these PDFs back.


PDF is a very common file format on the internet of everyone’s daily work. It is a binary coding format created by virtual printing of various documents. Since most PDF content is compressed, editing PDF documents with a text editor will cause data corruption, or lose part of the data due to network instability during internet transfer, which will cause PDF documents to be damaged with errors. PDF reader programs cannot open or fix those damaged PDF files and would prompt a lot of errors.

Some open-source command-line utilities such as Ghostscript and PDFTK both have PDF fixing functions, but PDFTK can only fix PDF metadata and information issues, while Ghostscript can only recreate XREF tables. Once users require fixing a really corrupt PDF document, they will find that neither Ghostscript nor PDFTK can repair the PDF data, and they will keep prompting analyzing errors. Unlike these two utilities, PDF Fixer checks the data that still exists in the whole corrupt PDF doc, then combines all objects and data to fix it. PDF Fixer can fix a lot of PDF documents that cannot be fixed by Ghostscript and PDFTK.

PDF Fixer is a free PDF recovery utility that fixes the XREF table by reconstructing the corrupt PDF data and then restores these corrupt PDF files into readable PDF documents.

Highlights of PDF Fixer

  • Fix unreadable and damaged PDFs
  • Fix XREF tables of PDF
  • Save recovered data and content to PDF documents
  • Automatically preview the repaired PDF
  • Auto verifying & detecting corrupt PDF files
  • Batch fixing multiple corrupt PDF docs at once
  • No required Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed
  • Portable ZIP version available



File Size: 16.5 MB

Portable ZIP Version: 19.2 MB

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 (32/64 bit) and Servers

New Corrupt PDF Repair Utility Fixes PDFs by Data Restructuring
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New Corrupt PDF Repair Utility Fixes PDFs by Data Restructuring
A new freeware utility that fixes damaged PDF files by restructuring the corrupt PDF data
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