Guest Post : Check Out The Top 26 Cryptocurrencies

Today’s Guest Post comes from BitcoinPlay Team.

Cryptocurrencies are the latest achievement of the digital and financial world. They offer an entirely new and improved system of conducting transactions with a high level of security, transparency, efficiency, stability, and reliability.

Considering the fact that their number has surpassed the 2,000 mark, it has become quite difficult to get to know all of them. Luckily, the team over at BitcoinPlay has produced an awesome info graphic presenting the top 26.It will get you acquainted with their stats such as current and maximum supply, year of creation, and total market cap. The most important information you will learn, however, is why each of them was created.

This is important because you can judge and evaluate them on the basis of their promising future. If a cryptocurrency project doesn’t seem to be expanding by infiltrating new industries and markets, its value is probably not going to hold for very long.

The infographic provides precisely that information. For example, you will learn the most important things about Bitcoin Cash, a digital currency with growing popularity. It emerged from the original Bitcoin network, but with improved features.Having been dissatisfied with how the Bitcoin network works, a group of people decided to create a new one by using the open-source code of the former. Blocks of data were increased, allowing for a larger amount of transactions per second.

This system certainly does seem promising, as fast and large volume of transactions is a factor that is most likely going to shape the future of the crypto world and financial industry in general. That said, it would be probably a wise idea for you to invest in Bitcoin Cash and hope for the best.Another promising cryptocurrency that was created to improve transaction-efficiency (Bitcoin’s notorious issue) is Ripple. Every day, more people begin using this network as it offers much more efficient transactions than Bitcoin.

For other cryptocurrencies and their peculiar features, feel free to scroll down and read the exciting info graphic.

Image – What the Crypto ? (Infographic)
Guest Post : Check Out The Top 26 Cryptocurrencies
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Guest Post : Check Out The Top 26 Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are the latest achievement of the digital and financial world.Check out Bitcoin Infographic!
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