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Running Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

This is in continuation on Kubernetes article series.In the earlier posts, we have seen how to create & deploy simple cluster.Now in this post,we are going to look at recently launched offering from Microsoft Azure. For more posts on Kubernetes,check out here & here. Azure Container

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Kubernetes tutorial – Scale & perform updates to your app

In the last post,we have looked at how to create local cluster,deploy an app and check the status of the deployments.In continuation to the series,in this post we are going to check how to scale & perform updates to applications running on Kubernetes cluster. Earlier

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Kubernetes tutorial – Create simple cluster & Deploy app

In the last post, we have looked at the Introduction & key concepts of Kubernetes platform.Now in this post,we are going to create new Kubernetes cluster using Minikube. Minikube is a lightweight Kubernetes implementation that creates a VM on your local machine and deploys a

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Kubernetes – Introduction & key concepts

From the last post on containers,we know what are containers & its benefits.Just to recap,here are the points below : Uses OS Level virtualization Isolated from each of them and from the host Filesystems Processes Resources Increased ease and efficiency of container image creation compared