6 Professional Services Managed Security Service Providers Offer

What kind of services should you expect when dealing with a Managed Security Service Provider? How do you know if your service provider offers the needed services? It’s important to know what’s available to take full advantage of your Managed Security Service Provider’s services and ensure it’s equipped to meet all your security needs. Check out these six services your Managed Security Service Provider should offer to ensure you get everything you need from your provider.

Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR)

MDR is a service that can help you avoid an incident by proactively detecting and taking action before an incident even occurs. Let’s say you have more than a few hundred sensitive data records containing customers’ credit card information on your network. If a hacker were to gain access, it could take days, weeks, or even months to discover what had happened and how many records were compromised—but with MDR in place, your organization might know within minutes that something was amiss so it can shut down access as soon as possible.

You should be able to change all of your records using strong encryption to prevent them from being accessed in other ways. This kind of proactive protection will make life easier for everyone involved. For example, suppose your security provider detects that one of your machines has been breached. In that case, it can isolate its access to prevent further compromise (and then work with you to recover quickly).

The point is that anything that prevents issues from happening saves time and money. And no matter how secure you are, there will always be potential threats somewhere—it’s up to your managed security provider to help ensure those threats never become realities.

Managed SIEM with 24/7 Security Monitoring

More than 90% of all data breaches involve human error. If properly implemented, a Managed SIEM can give your security team deeper visibility into activity on your network and greater control over what’s taking place. For example, suppose an employee accidentally sends out a file containing confidential information. In that case, a Managed SIEM could immediately alert your team to that action, allowing you to stop further damage from occurring while simultaneously averting bad PR and consumer relations concerns. That alone is worth it!

A managed SIEM solution can also give your security team visibility into where data is being accessed on any given day or time, which employees are accessing sensitive information and what’s taking place on your network—allowing you to define an appropriate training and policy strategy better. A managed SIEM service will improve your organization’s data security while providing peace of mind. This is one reason that it’s increasingly in demand among businesses today.


A Managed Security Service Provider should use the CybriantXDR service to help you manage your IT environment. With CybriantXDR, you can monitor your network’s health and performance and make sure that everything is running smoothly. CybriantXDR will also allow you to see what devices are connected to your network and how much bandwidth they’re using. You can even track potential threats in real-time, giving you a heads-up when something looks suspicious. In addition to helping you identify problems before they occur, a CybriantXDR also helps keep your business secure by monitoring for potential vulnerabilities in your network.

Mobile Threat Defense

The newest and most popular security service is mobile threat defense. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly vulnerable to malware and data breaches, with an average of 30 apps containing malware per every 1,000 available in Apple’s App Store. Additionally, a quarter of IT departments have reported employees using their devices to access corporate information or sending sensitive documents over personal email accounts. If you rely on your smartphone for day-to-day business, it’s crucial that you protect it from a data breach—or that a third-party provider protects it for you. A Managed Security Service Provider should be able to offer mobile threat defense through remote wiping, tracking software, and anti-malware tools.

Application Security

App security is often overlooked by organizations with even basic information technology needs. There are a few reasons: First, many organizations consider app development an in-house task and don’t realize they need outside help to manage their application security. Second, many organizations—particularly smaller businesses—think that because they don’t use any cloud-based apps, they don’t have anything to secure in relation to mobile devices and systems. This isn’t true; every company that deals with confidential data must be aware of how easily their proprietary information can be compromised when it leaves their hands. Third, with increased attention to identity theft, new laws have forced companies to become more cognizant of where their customer and employee data is kept.

Finally, there has been a surge in malware targeting mobile devices and applications. Your Managed Security Service Provider should offer application security services as part of its overall business risk management strategy. These services will protect you against malicious attacks and ensure compliance with industry regulations. These compliance measures are particularly important for healthcare providers who deal with sensitive patient information.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

Your Managed Security Service Provider should have tools and systems in place to conduct ongoing audits of your network security. Many businesses only do vulnerability assessments when it’s time to renew their cyber insurance policy. Instead, they should have a program to review risks regularly and ensure vulnerabilities are being remediated regularly. Consider it like a physical health check-up; you don’t just check your weight once but regularly over time to see how things are going. If you aren’t addressing network vulnerabilities regularly, that’s probably not a sign of great risk management!

Everything Considered

It’s not a coincidence that managed security service providers are experiencing significant growth; we live in an age of constant attack, and IT admins simply don’t have time to stay on top of it all. Managed Security Service Providers avail services that businesses need to stay safe and secure and keep things simple. One provider can take care of multiple facets of your IT infrastructure, which means fewer vendors and fewer relationships to manage.

6 Professional Services Managed Security Service Providers Offer
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6 Professional Services Managed Security Service Providers Offer
It’s not a coincidence that managed security service providers are experiencing significant growth; we live in an age of constant attack, and IT admins simply don’t have time to stay on top of it all.
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