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Weekly Roundup (23/Oct-27/Oct)

This is round up of the news happened this week.

Google has launched a new way to pay on mobile devices, using any card you have on file – including those saved to your Google Account via products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay. This “pay with Google” option ties all these saved payment options together in a single interface, which app makers and retailers can then implement using only a few lines of code.


Microsoft will add Cray supercomputers to its Azure cloud computing service to handle the needs of those with high performance computing (HPC) workloads.


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Facebook is currently testing a new dual-feed setup that separates Page-generated posts from ads and posts from friends.Under this arrangement, the main News Feed is still populated by things shared by friends and family as well as advertisements. But posts shared by Pages — like those of publishers, for example — are moved to a secondary feed.


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Now anyone can download and read Stephen Hawking’s 1966 doctoral thesis “Properties of expanding universes” now that the scientist has given permission for it to be open access.Redrock’s technology converts a palm image into a unique signature and authenticates the user in 10- to 100-milliseconds depending on CPU speed, according to a statement. The technology uses machine vision techniques to detect a palm in a video stream and pass its descriptor for enrollment or verification, according to a statement.


Bansal teamed up Rishi Singh, former DevOps platform architect at Apple. Together they are launching a company out of stealth today called Harness, which aims to do no less than automate continuous code deployment. Bansal saw a problem as all good founders do, in this case, a new way of delivering applications.

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Developers already have access to a number of tools that let them see how real-world users experience their websites, but until now they weren’t able to see how their website user experience compared to others. Enter the Chrome User Experience Report, a public dataset of key user experience metrics gleaned from Chrome users who have opted in to usage statistic reporting.

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LinkedIn — the Microsoft-owned platform for those who want to network with professional contacts and advance their own careers — has been in the middle of a long-term makeover of its social tools, as it looks to drive more usage. Today comes the latest chapter in that story: the site is unveiling a new smart reply feature in its messaging app, which gives users prompts with different phrases to use while they are chatting to keep the conversation flowing.



Goodreads, which Amazon acquired back in 2013, has been a fixture in the Kindle app for quite some time, allowing you to mark books as read on your Goodreads account and to share what you’re current reading with your followers. But starting today, Goodreads is more deeply woven throughout the mobile app’s entire look and feel.Now, you have quick access to your friends’ profiles and recommendation lists from the sidebar, alongside a Goodreads-infused profile section taking the place of the Kindle app account page. The Kindle app’s redesigned notification center also contains customizable pings from your Goodreads account, including notes and highlights from your friends on books they’re reading.


To own a car in Singapore, you need a certificate of entitlement from the Singapore government. The supply is limited, and certificates are distributed by auction. Each year, the government sets a target for the growth of private vehicles and auctions off a corresponding number of certificates. Next year, the growth target will be zero.


Google is launching third-party add-ons for Gmail today. These native extensions will allow you to bring the power of services like Asana, DocuSign, Trello, Wrike and others directly to your inbox — no matter whether you are an enterprise or individual user.


As far as container orchestration goes, Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de facto standard, even as Docker Swarm and Mesos/Mesosphere DC/OS continue to find their own niches. For the longest time, Microsoft argued that one of the advantages of its managed Azure Container Service (ACS) was its support for multiple orchestration tools, but that’s shifting a bit today and Microsoft is changing the acronym for the Azure Container Service to “AKS.”As you can probably guess, that stray “K” stands for Kubernetes, and Microsoft is clearly shifting the focus of the service to this orchestrator, even as it isn’t changing the actual name.


Face ID’s dot projector, the hardware that emits 30,000 infrared beams onto a face, is reportedly at the heart of the iPhone X production problems.


Target has been introducing high-tech ways to shop for months, including real-time maps of its stores and a Pinterest-powered visual search tool. Now, it has added an augmented reality feature to its mobile website to help you shop for the perfect furniture for your home.


Amazon is introducing a service that will allow Amazon couriers to open your front door and put your package safely inside your home.The service is called Amazon Key, and it relies on a Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock. The camera is the hub, connected to the internet via your home Wi-Fi. The camera talks to the lock over Zigbee, a wireless protocol utilized by many smart home devices.


The powerful gene-editing tool CRISPR has been making headlines for its ability to edit DNA, which could one day transform how we fight cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Now, scientists have created a new version of CRISPR that can target and edit a different genetic building block: RNA.

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Google has launched new version of of Science Journal, each experiment is a blank page that you can fill with notes and photos as you observe the world around you. Over time, we’ll be adding new note-taking tools to enhance the types of observations you can record. For science lovers who have already used the app, measuring real-world data with sensors remains core to the new Science Journal experience. We’ve added three new sensors for you to play with along with the ability to take a ”snapshot” of your sensor data at a single moment in time.


Facebook today introduced a good handful of new features for groups on Facebook, with a focus on helping admins better manage and grow their online communities, and helping members better connect with one another. The additions, inspired by user feedback, include support for welcome posts, badges, member profiles and other admin-level controls.


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Microsoft hit a new milestone in its cloud services business this quarter: it’s now able to project over $20 billion in annual revenue. While that may seem like a big but arbitrary milestone, it’s an important one for Microsoft.


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