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Weekly Roundup(09/Oct-13/Oct)

This is round up of the news happened this week.

Seagate has revealed a new hard disk drive that can hold a massive 12TB, so if you’re looking for a huge storage option, this is probably it.


Origin Wireless, found a way to make use of WiFi signals bouncing around a room to detect even the slightest movement — down to something as subtle as a person’s breathing rate.


This little in-browser experiment from Google named Teachable Machine. It’s a perfect two-minute summary of what a lot of modern AI can — and more importantly can’t — do.


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Researchers from MIT’s CSAIL have gone one step further: they’re using footage from an ordinary smartphone to “see” around corners by spotting subtle changes in light and shadow.


Microsoft apparently had chance to beat everyone to the punch 3 years ago… and whiffed it.

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Twitter confirmed it’s planning to launch a bookmarking feature to save tweets for later reading. The addition will help users keep a separate list of items they want to refer back to, instead of using the heart (aka “favorite”) button, which can indicate more of a “like” – similar to the “thumbs up” button on Facebook.

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Salesforce announced a new IoT initiative called IoT Explorer Edition designed to help customers make sense of IoT data and put it to work.


NordVPN Black Friday deal: grab the 3-year plan with 83% off and get two amazing gifts: 3 extra months + NordLocker file encryption app (worth $312)

Wired : Google Mini Review – 7/10: A solid accessory, but not the centerpiece of your smarter home.


Intel announced the delivery of a 17-qubit superconducting test chip for quantum computing to QuTech, Intel’s quantum research partner in the Netherlands. The new chip was fabricated by Intel and features a unique design to achieve improved yield and performance. 


Oculus wants to help companies like Walmart and Deloitte build VR experiences for their clients and customers. So today it launched “Oculus for Business,” which lets companies buy $900 Oculus Rift bundles in bulk with enterprise-grade warranties, a full VR commercial license and access to dedicated customer support. 


GitHub is launching the “dependency graph,” which gives developers an easy way to see all the other packages and applications their own code uses (this currently only works for Ruby and JavaScript, though, with support for Python coming soon). With this in place, the team can then also track these dependencies against the standard vulnerability databases and notify developers if any of their dependencies are vulnerable. 


Google is rolling out simpler video calling on mobile for Android users. Those wanting to make a video call will be able do so straight from the Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps. 


CF Local allows developers to run a local version of Cloud Foundry on their laptop — with the help of Docker containers — to allow them to iterate faster without having to push updates to the cloud.


Google announced plans to give away $1 billion.The money will go to projects that offer training and career coaching to people short on skills for a rapidly digitizing economy where businesses and their workers need fluency in coding, mobile apps, and social media to compete.


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